Monday, October 27, 2014

snail love

color cheers me up..........really need some crochet outfits to the same cheer up my look.i'm buried in dark gray,navy blue,black and brown...a few days ago was supply run (Yarn)day- and was happy to try my hands on schachenmayers pure cotton-catania.pure love.........

 i made a hat (that will be a present for my niece)inspired by a few places i've virtually been--a needlework magazine where a shawl was featured whit this very easy yet appealing patern,Pinterest-pretty crochet caps from (you can find it pinned into my crochet&knit board CukiPok) and  Vendulkam blogspot.
[luckily i found out that those gorgeous beanies are coming from !!!)

 i don't master colors well i never been too good with that and also don't have a large pile of yarns trying good combos... anyway i'm consuming it happily .....
the snails are easy to make,they are my own crochet snail variations(each one slightly different) if i will have patience i'll write down a pattern ,another thing i don't like to deal with but so useful in,a lot of snaily pictures just for fun...on my summer doodles

all best still next time....................ildi

linking this post to Annemarie's crochet blog at a linky party she is hosting every Saturday.always enchanting my eyes and inspiring me.........thank you

Saturday, October 18, 2014


This not how i wanted to come back but i don't know what to do thats why i'm asking for help.I cannot access my paper seems that it is taken by is very annoying.i've changed my password but it doesn't resolved the problem.could you give a good advice to get rid of that ugly bug?
Thank you v much
Still crocheting ...ildi
My paper blogs name is.
[problem solved :)  ] thank you Horia!