Sunday, December 28, 2014

more tiny hats-knooked

just trying to master the tehnique...practicing is second nature isn't it?

to make the round scarf of 4 stitches that was a challenge but not impossible :)

stay warm........ildi

Friday, December 26, 2014

knooked snowman hats

                                                       Merry Christmas!!!
             which is delayed does not go for good(our saying) so.... all bests for you in this holiday!

  knooked again with my tunisian crochet hook...kinda trouble as its tail is very long for such of tiny projects but i only have one pair of knitting needles that were too thick.
    the urge was unbearable so i improvised to replace something that was not at hand.
    taking my brain out of the comfort zone and try new ways ... tried and succeeded!!i did it!i knitted with hooks,lol! those tunisians are marvelous!!
if  while i ago i considered stupid to buy knitting or crocheting yarn i learned that some of the yarns will show indeed its bests with knitting....when i faced this "problem" my hunger for knitting reached its peak and dived into this.first i made a pair of fingerless mittens i will post in the future-for myself-i'm not confortable at all with knitting-so it was like stepping on quicksand where i don't knew for sure if i got the pattern...but those dear hooks helped me :).it wasn't easy but still much easier than washing the dishes :)
   so,here it is: little nooked hats.the snowmans were very cheap i bought them for the lightings they have inside and thought to make papier mache ones with knitted hats and scarfs!still then they show their outfits well.

luckily?? i don't throw away easily stuffs so these little yarn endings were succesfully recycled as it shows:

the inside looks awful i know but who cares?
 the first garment..

                                           Happy Holidays!!!

Friday, December 19, 2014

crochet fishes

nothing much just some fishes......on summer doodles :)

easy pattern...soon i will post it..having a terrible headache....all bests,ildi

Saturday, December 13, 2014

new crochet winter hat

The yarn pile is getting thinner with these new boho or afro hats (i made two yesterday) while the gifts corner is slightly growing each day.I made two hats yesterday,one for my mom and perhaps one for me and i just loved creating freely,no pattern,no rules just me and colorful leftovers.

my eldest is my modell today..i really need to make a paper mache head save them(specially him) from further "repetitions"

Linking to the Saturday's crochet fiesta!enjoy the creations!

all bests,ildi

Thursday, December 11, 2014

winter hat pattern-crochet

 This crochet winter hat is super easy to make and will surely keep a lovely head in warm.Yarn leftovers were combined in this happy beanie and thanks to that red  pom pom addition on the top it also makes it festive.The place that always catches the eye and bring smiles on our faces... just think about cherries on cake tops or  the red nose on Rudolf the reindeer.

This hat was gived away today for a family with 13 childrens...

Must improove my chopsticks drawing isn't it?

Yarns used: Red Heart "Lisa" ,3 medium acrylic yarns combined to achieve the thickness of Lisa

Crochet hook nr.8

  Written pattern: alternanting color rows (exept last row-same color as R8)

R1;MR(magic ring)-ch2 (counted as the first dc),9 dc,slip stitch to first stitch      -10sts (tricolor acrylics)
R2;ch 2(considered as first dc,)1dc same stitch, 2dc every st around                      -20sts  (Lisa)
R3;ch2 1dc in same stitch,*1dc,2dc* repeat all over                                                -30sts
R4:ch2,*2dc,1dc,1dc*, repeat all over                                                                     -40sts
R5:ch2,1 dc in every stitch                                                                                       -40sts
R6:ch2,2dc tog in next stitch,1dc up to the 21th sts,2dc tog,1 dc up to the end      -38 sts
R7:ch2,1 dc in every stitch                                                                                       -38sts
R8:ch2,2dc tog in next stitch,1 dc all over up to the 19th stitch,2dc n this stitch then 1 dc in every of the following stitches up to the end                                                                          -36sts
R9:ch1,sc in all of the 36 stitches,fasten off

Make a pom pom and..... ready!

You can share,you can sell the hats made of this pattern,thank you for linking back!

        ildi  ,i must run.we have concert at 19 o clock :)

Update:linking this post to our kind host Annemarie !Thank you for sharing the love for crochet!


Wednesday, December 10, 2014

heart brooch

little things that can make you fill so good

little things you can fill so sorry if delayed

little things that will not stand for you forever

  give now

crochet scarf

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yesterday i sent out  presents to my brothers family at last !!!and i confess that making a scarf to his wife gave me headaches...because-i had a a bulky skein of yarn from last year that i thought it would be enough for an infinity scarf...  well..i've chained 110 and managed to make about 4 rows than i realised that i can't finish.
that yarn was not aviable in the store and just could't combine with a something suitable,so i pressed Ctrl Z and undone.
next i bought 3 skeins 50 gr of new wool and acrylic thinking that i will make something shorter,a neckwarmer with a buttons but i didn't liked how it was turning (wavy and too short!!)on and opted for recycling.that was almost impossible as the the wol managed to blend somehow in the rows..
this is the piece that i wanted for a neckwarmer

 the pattern is very simple-
--turn every row
--single crochet in back loops and chain one all over...

still i managed to make her just in time an effective infinity scarf combinig this yarn(Schachenmayer)and the one from Red Heart i will show you in another post.


Saturday, December 6, 2014

charity action

as you know Annemarie over at Annemarieshaakblog made an open call for a charity action that had great succes last year and it has all chances to be succesful this year too thanks to many open hearted crocheters and knitters from all over the world but perhaps mostly form Holland.
the toys and other handmade goodies will serve the poor people from Romania the country I'm living too.It was in my mind to give some things aways for the needies and this seems to be a v good occasion to fulfill the task.I will give away two hats i've made last year.Now i'm showing only one of them.The flower is a newly sprung crochet addition to the hat...

 The hats pattern is from Melodora Creations for Crochet on youtube-it is called "Crochet Cluster Beanie (just click the title if interested)"

 Love never fails.


Wednesday, December 3, 2014

more brooches

,i'm way behind with blogging...cannot keep a balance with stuffs i make and show...
anyway thanks for your visits and kind comments!
here a few brooches...i intend to make many for our annual spring celebration.
this time embroidery on linen with a crochet looks so nice with that edge.i saw some brooches on etsy edwardandlilly ,sidereal  (just click the names)that i liked v much and also pinterest i will come back with the link later..


" For if the many died by the trespass of the one man, how much more did God’s grace and the gift that came by the grace of the one man, Jesus Christ, overflow to the many!"

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

friendship bracelets

...made of scraps :)
i made them yesterday,it was my eldest demand as they went out this afternoon with their class to "make history"and protest against he ask me for two bracelets one for himself and one to be given away .this is what i managed to do and it was least i've tried the sewing machine's patterns.the third one now is holding my bun.i may make some more for acquaitance girlies...

stay warm and pray :)

Saturday, November 22, 2014


who doesn't know about Vivaldi?but who does know my son...playing it?
June 2014- finishing the III grade-vivaldi la minor p.I

 all bests,ildi

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

buttons, brooches-crochet brooches tutorial trial(lol)

for a few days i was in mood to make some buttons.searched for them but couldn't find enough to satisfy my hunger so i made some of my owns..i few pictures with the method i've made them...

                           they looked like these at the begining and weren't very difficult to make ..
                                            still very difficult showing you how lol

 for example this very brooches was made like this(but i must admit every button has his own personality-i mean differences-and i'm NOT GOOD in making tutorials!!!-

 the hook size nr1 and two different kind of yarn-the purple oneis schaschenmayer for refference
 wrap the yarn for 8-10 times around your finger(it depends on your yarns thickness}

make as many stitches as needed to cover the whole yarn circle-do pull together time to time for a nice outcome(usually don't count them)
 i'm sure yours will be prettier...(about 48 stitches here)
R1:sc,skip1,sc,skip1 all over round one (24 sts)
R2:sc,skip one or 2sc tog(two sc toghether) all over (12sts)
R3:sc in every stitch(12 sts)
R4:sc,skip1,sc up to the end

leave a long tail then fasten off for adjusting those little wholes that are visible here and there-if you want to decorate with little embroidery flowers as i did,the buttons surface must be dense.

when you covered all the wholes you turn inside out your work and it will look like this-a little  crochet nut perhaps?

 or a floyd...when this ready make your emboridery design on its surface then follow the pictures below

go aorund the bottom using chain stitch

sc all over as above ,when ready ch4,skip1,sl st to next,ch4,skip1,sl st and repeat all over...(missing picture,i've told you...) it is required paired nr of sts
{of course you can try different edging stithes they all look so nice}

 for the other side of the brooches MR(magic ring)
R2:28dc,leave long tail for sewing as below...

uh,this is was very difficult...i better go back crocheting...

 or they can be sewed together and make a X-mas tree decoration or anything else

 Have fun!!!,ildi

I've linked my stuff to Annemaries Haakblog>Thanks for hosting!Rinse your eyes ,enjoy!:)