Thursday, February 20, 2014

nothing much...

  It seamed like yesterday to be one of those days when you're willing much with no results.Wanted to escape a bit from my sticky flower obsession and tried to make some booties following no pattern.Well i can't shout out any outcome as i undone every try.When i got tired,allowed time spent no results i just had to do something tangible before light switch so guess what...yes ,you're right.Four flowers including that giant meatball,lol ,called( a variation of) popcornstitch flower.Thats all :)

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"Nevertheless I am continually with thee: thou hast holden me by my right hand"-Psalm 73:23

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Vand martisoare handmade...2014

 Iata cateva din coletia de martisoare handmade-crosetate-2014 pe care il puteti comanda contactandu-ma la adresa de mail:
Martisoarele vor fi ambalate in celofan protector si vor fi trimise prin Posta Romana.
Preiau doar comenzi de minim 10 buc( 40 lei).
Despre mai multe informatii privind modalitatiile de plata-in email.

Persoana contact :ildiko

La aceasta postare vor fi adaugate toate martisoarele ulterior completate.

Alege handmade in acest an!Nu vei dezamagi!Alege "fara lipici"!Crosetat cu inima!
Aceste martisoare handmade sunt prinse (cusute)cu ace de brosa ce pot fi inlaturate ,astfel martisoarele pot fi folosite ulterior ca agrafe pt fetite sau cusute pe sepci,genti etc.
Toate cele bune........ildi

Interested in buying March charms?convo me.
This is the actuall collection but i will keep adding more here, as soon as they will be ready.


dyed yarn

  As i promised here are the results of my "efforts" to dye a very small amount of yarn with acrylics.
It worths trying but in conclusion it is not recommended for large projects because it hardens the yarn and takes away its softness due to the materials (i guess that chalk like powder its made of)that acrylics contains.
Anyway it is good for what i meant to do-small accessory to decorate a bag,chest or hair.(it is also good for wrapping purposes)
So what i did-used a small amount of acrylics in a plastic container added a bit of water,mixed,put the yarn,soaked the acrylics,took out put aside untill all little balls were ready,dried on the radiator and washed with luke warm water,dried again and used to make some butterflies.Thats it.A 20 minute play that even the kids enjoyed.

     ....they were lookin'so yummm at this stage... result......
        ......ready .......:)

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Saturday, February 15, 2014


Accident happens all the times...and this is that rare lucky kind.I run out of yarn and instead of 5 flower petals ended up with just 4.Pulled thight the ring(as i usually work with MR-magic ring)and voila the butterfly was ready.Short chain embroidery with black thread a pair of sequin and beads and just made the simpliest butterfly ever. (See some embroidery stitch steps clicking here  )The first butterfly was the yellow one those 4 that came after "suffered" a tiny modification on two of the "petals"-wings-by enriching a"treble leg" before and after with a chain.They are just perfect for what my needs.....Fly little ones!

Linking my butterflies to Annemarie's linky party!Enjoy the fun!
I just realized the featured on Annemaries Haakblog !i'm sooooooooooooo happy!Thank you!!!!!!!!!

Be good.................ildi

PS-coming next: must dye some yarn with the use of acrylics as i can't find Kool Aid or food coloring here before Easter.Then for sure i will make a good provision not only for dying eggs :)

Thursday, February 13, 2014

got some flowers?

Yes..the flower flood still continues.I would like to take part (if possible and not too late) in our local "handmade spring" street market to sell the little flowers but i'm willing to make some more untill ...
I took a few pictures to the flowers where i used the crochet bunting-see tutorial here but possibilities are so many.Also made some tiny flowers that will have pins(hair or brooches).
Anyway if you would like to purchase any flower from my flower stack just let me know their price is not peppered.:)

i know,green is not the happiest choise i could do for the petal.......
bunting petals tucked under wooden button...

Definitely spring is in the air.

 Snailing from here...


Wednesday, February 12, 2014

mini bunting tutorial

In the break beetwen two crocheted  flowers i found myself doing little triangles on the hook and i thought to share with you as the string that came out is lovely very simple and decorative.Just use your imagination and play with it .Even made a flower using this technique that i will show later as i don't have pictures with it right now.( here you can see the flower)The bunting chain can be doubled if you turn and join the triangles tip with a slip stich.

 Step one:using hook 3.5 mm and cotton thread, chain 4.
Step two:pick up the chains on your hook as you were knitting or knooking...
 Step three:yarn over and pull through all four loops on your hook.....
Chain four and repeat steps untill desired lenght....

 I appreciate if you mention the source of your inspiration.Thank you!

Bee spry.................ildi

Tuesday, February 11, 2014


less is more and more is...much,very much or even too much sometimes...for sure less time for housekeeping and more to shabby your sofa.anyway shabby chic is on vouge isn't it? and you don't have to use your artsy tools to make that ;)
to have a glimpse of what i'm talking about:
tada moment,lol
 (interested in mini bunting from the flower stack?click here for the tutorial)

and when you think all started with:
a tiny little flower whit leaf.
- for the flower tutorial click here :thank you Jennifer!
 -for the leaf i tried out a tut.found on Pinterest. thought i made hundred of mine.because my aim was to use no thred and needle i made 99% of the curlies with my improvised leafs just using the hook!yes!a great time saving.

and last but not least as the flowers are going to be pins (just waiting for them to arrive) i played around with a few "different"ones.i tried to "draw"with the hook,needle and yarn.
this is the outcome:
another flowersih picture before you meet Marlena,lol........hang on ,she is very handsome
keep hooking on !...............ildi

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

flowers and balls

It feels so good to crochet when tired...and it happens almost every day to feel tired about 16 o'clock when already finished work,kids are home and eaten .. i just need that active break called crocheting, drawing paper mache whatever.i'm a girl of "periods".right now living my crochet period.i hope it will last longer than my performer "chocolate"period...
bits from my fruitful crocheting:little flowers (see the header)as 1 of March is approaching and we are celebrating it by wearing tiny ornaments on our chests called "martisor" for a couple of days-that symbolizes  the springs arrival a sort of rebirth after the flood.Because girls and women gets a "martisor" from the boys and men and i have two boys( plus a husband) under the roof  i need to make a lot of little ornaments for their classmates.Also been working on some Waldorf sensorial toys that will be soon in my Etsy shop.I just need to finish a coulpe of little fishes (own improvised little pattern) and sew them fishes on the ball...and that is not comfortable to do...

Much more flowers HERE :)

this last ball  was quite hard to finish due to the heavy twisted 100%cotton yarn (3 twisted lines with 7 threads each )but i wanted something that is completely baby proof even for the teething ones so that they can even chew on them and be totally safe.this ball would be hard a job for a dog too :).

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