Thursday, December 26, 2013


well i didn't thought it will happen..another blog?aren't two enough?well if i wasn't too smart to give my first blog a subjectiv name like golden leaf,brain breeze,nervous fingers etc and pointed right on my only hobby at the time that was papier mache (seems i wanted instant popularity) and i can't change that,all the friends that are following especial for their interest in pm, it seems more resonable to "create" a new blog where to share my new passion as it doesn't fists into my doodle or paper mache blogs...crochet and knit.this time i will gather here(maybe) all the stuffs i'm making.many of you knows me already as cukipok so the name will remain ,just added a trif before.why trif? while i was thinking about the new blogs name i laid my eyes on a toy box of my sons and red was a little fretwork set forgetted long ago on that book shelf.i just changed one letter and checked on google translator if trif has a meaning i was so surprized to find out that trif means trifluoromethanesulphonylpyrazole lol.checking more-- that is a chemical compound a particulary strong electrophile--electrophile being positively charged species that are attracted to an electron rich center.literally electron lover.conclusion positively charged.i loved that.positively trif cukipok.positively charged cukipok.i like to think that i'm positively charged against all bads that happened in the past. ok here me again after an hour .i changed the blogs name from trif cukipok to cuki plus.i like it more changes.......for now.
my new passion for crocheting and knitting started this summer when i was visiting my 80 years old active grandma.she makes all kind of crocheted stuffs,mostly recycled i started up with some recycled baskets and ended up with all kind of crochet knit knook seams i just can't stop.quite addictive.
here a few pictures...
                                         this is my first pattern work and a few hats that followed.

these hats instantly found their new owner...
see you.......ildi

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