Thursday, January 8, 2015

crochet scarf and hat

form tiny things to chuncky neckwarmers and a nooked hat...
i must confess that i lost interest in crocheting lately but i'm used with these periods,now it's time for paper mache than for sure i will come back...
these stuffs i'm showing today are gifts that are fying soon to Sweeden.

This is how my contrived pattern looks in day light...can you figure out how it's made?
The pattern beneth must be more is tunisian crocheting,slightly different from the well know tehnique

 The blue knOoked hat that already has been modified as it wasn't planned to be pointed but i'm not used with knitting patterns so i learnt at least how to next time...

Have your best day...ildi

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  1. Lovely! I love using chunky yarn for scarves and cowls too!


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