Saturday, October 10, 2015


I'm into dolls now,for how long not sure to now but i live the moment as usuall.My little one is attendign a waldorf school(well they are actually pioneers as they are the second class that started at parents request-the first romanian language class though) and all kind of interesting challenging tasks are now on my to try lists,like dolls.i fell in love in making them.still have to learn many tehniques especially what regards making the hair and to look for organic materials.Between this time i'm learning on second hand materials and poly stuffings and consuming the leftover yarns...crocheted the sculp for the third doll(face)but i was v unlucky with the velvet hair yarn,i have to change all the crocheted scalp...where the yarn is cutted it's shaking off...thought i liked the color and quality.and you know dolls are very unhappy with changes...well i have to look up for loop crochet,maybe that would be a salvation,still she needs a new scalp.
 i'm so happy i've found a lot of instructions and inspirations regarding the doll of the dollmakers made a special impact on me i just felt in love with her dolls--thalita--you can find her on fb or blog .
Here are my very first dolls that were gived away for my sons class.


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