Sunday, March 9, 2014

lots of fun

Two days ago was my sons 10th birthday thats why it was so quite here but so loaded in the background.
Now i can breathe quietly and and happy that all went all right besides the fact that my husband missed the party as he caught a could and some viruses chained him to bad for two loooong days.All started with my little one who brought us home the trouble from kindergarten.pretty sure you know how it works...
A lot of work is not visible but a few does so i'm sharing it with you

 My first bootie pattern !!! -some little details must be redone before i can take pride of  it as it was quite tricky the joining and straps with this "zebra"pattern that was inspired from a lovely blog that instantly become on of my favs called of Jeszizsu.This lovely effective and strong pattern can be found in two variations by clicking here.Thank you Zsuzsa for sharing it!!!
Another wip bootie a comissioned work.
A set of brooches and silk ribbon hairband made for one of my sons girlfriend who turned 10 too-we were at three b.parties this weekend ;) and not showing here a little crochet flower ring and crocheted earring that somehow escaped from the shooting table.
                                                                                                            And of course the long awaited i run out of big baloons this time i was forced to try my luck with the cardboard.This being my first box shaped pinata that is not finished but was presentable at the party.I intend to add some extras like hands ,ears and legs, hot dots and more paint on sides.The painting on the body was inpired from a vintage robot toy that i found on flickr.

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  1. Happy belated birthday to your son!
    You've been very busy and made so many gorgeous things! As my son was with me while I was reading this he (and I too) was quite taken by the robot ! What a cool piñata!!!


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