Tuesday, November 18, 2014

buttons, brooches-crochet brooches tutorial trial(lol)

for a few days i was in mood to make some buttons.searched for them but couldn't find enough to satisfy my hunger so i made some of my owns..i few pictures with the method i've made them...

                           they looked like these at the begining and weren't very difficult to make ..
                                            still very difficult showing you how lol

 for example this very brooches was made like this(but i must admit every button has his own personality-i mean differences-and i'm NOT GOOD in making tutorials!!!-

 the hook size nr1 and two different kind of yarn-the purple oneis schaschenmayer for refference
 wrap the yarn for 8-10 times around your finger(it depends on your yarns thickness}

make as many stitches as needed to cover the whole yarn circle-do pull together time to time for a nice outcome(usually don't count them)
 i'm sure yours will be prettier...(about 48 stitches here)
R1:sc,skip1,sc,skip1 all over round one (24 sts)
R2:sc,skip one or 2sc tog(two sc toghether) all over (12sts)
R3:sc in every stitch(12 sts)
R4:sc,skip1,sc up to the end

leave a long tail then fasten off for adjusting those little wholes that are visible here and there-if you want to decorate with little embroidery flowers as i did,the buttons surface must be dense.

when you covered all the wholes you turn inside out your work and it will look like this-a little  crochet nut perhaps?

 or a floyd...when this ready make your emboridery design on its surface then follow the pictures below

go aorund the bottom using chain stitch

sc all over as above ,when ready ch4,skip1,sl st to next,ch4,skip1,sl st and repeat all over...(missing picture,i've told you...) it is required paired nr of sts
{of course you can try different edging stithes they all look so nice}

 for the other side of the brooches MR(magic ring)
R2:28dc,leave long tail for sewing as below...

uh,this is was very difficult...i better go back crocheting...

 or they can be sewed together and make a X-mas tree decoration or anything else

 Have fun!!!,ildi

I've linked my stuff to Annemaries Haakblog>Thanks for hosting!Rinse your eyes ,enjoy!:)


  1. My Gosh! They are adorable!!!
    These would be super exciting as stocking fillers for Christmas!

    1. great idea!valuble treasures can be hidden there :) and if there're many even more exciting! but in this case the inside must be covered with some fabric as the embroidery leaves unpleasant marks.
      thank you v much!!!


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