Tuesday, November 25, 2014

friendship bracelets

...made of scraps :)
i made them yesterday,it was my eldest demand as they went out this afternoon with their class to "make history"and protest against violence.so he ask me for two bracelets one for himself and one to be given away .this is what i managed to do and it was fun..at least i've tried the sewing machine's patterns.the third one now is holding my bun.i may make some more for acquaitance girlies...

stay warm and pray :)


  1. Wow! So cute Ildi!
    To be honest I tried my sewing machine's patterns just twice - can you believe that ? And I have had it for decades.

    P.S. Not related to this post - just wanted to tell you that I use a program called MyCrochet to make my charts. Sorry for the late reply!

    1. I know about that..same for me...though i have my machine only for two years.Everybody liked them in my hair ;)
      Thank you!! i will search for the soft otherwise i may be tempted to simply draw them in paint or Corel (if).


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