Tuesday, February 11, 2014


less is more and more is...much,very much or even too much sometimes...for sure less time for housekeeping and more to shabby your sofa.anyway shabby chic is on vouge isn't it? and you don't have to use your artsy tools to make that ;)
to have a glimpse of what i'm talking about:
tada moment,lol
 (interested in mini bunting from the flower stack?click here for the tutorial)

and when you think all started with:
a tiny little flower whit leaf.
- for the flower tutorial click here :thank you Jennifer!
 -for the leaf i tried out a tut.found on Pinterest. thought i made hundred of mine.because my aim was to use no thred and needle i made 99% of the curlies with my improvised leafs just using the hook!yes!a great time saving.

and last but not least as the flowers are going to be pins (just waiting for them to arrive) i played around with a few "different"ones.i tried to "draw"with the hook,needle and yarn.
this is the outcome:
another flowersih picture before you meet Marlena,lol........hang on ,she is very handsome
keep hooking on !...............ildi

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