Wednesday, February 12, 2014

mini bunting tutorial

In the break beetwen two crocheted  flowers i found myself doing little triangles on the hook and i thought to share with you as the string that came out is lovely very simple and decorative.Just use your imagination and play with it .Even made a flower using this technique that i will show later as i don't have pictures with it right now.( here you can see the flower)The bunting chain can be doubled if you turn and join the triangles tip with a slip stich.

 Step one:using hook 3.5 mm and cotton thread, chain 4.
Step two:pick up the chains on your hook as you were knitting or knooking...
 Step three:yarn over and pull through all four loops on your hook.....
Chain four and repeat steps untill desired lenght....

 I appreciate if you mention the source of your inspiration.Thank you!

Bee spry.................ildi


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