Tuesday, February 18, 2014

dyed yarn

  As i promised here are the results of my "efforts" to dye a very small amount of yarn with acrylics.
It worths trying but in conclusion it is not recommended for large projects because it hardens the yarn and takes away its softness due to the materials (i guess that chalk like powder its made of)that acrylics contains.
Anyway it is good for what i meant to do-small accessory to decorate a bag,chest or hair.(it is also good for wrapping purposes)
So what i did-used a small amount of acrylics in a plastic container added a bit of water,mixed,put the yarn,soaked the acrylics,took out put aside untill all little balls were ready,dried on the radiator and washed with luke warm water,dried again and used to make some butterflies.Thats it.A 20 minute play that even the kids enjoyed.

     ....they were lookin'so yummm at this stage...
         .....final result......
        ......ready .......:)

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