Saturday, February 15, 2014


Accident happens all the times...and this is that rare lucky kind.I run out of yarn and instead of 5 flower petals ended up with just 4.Pulled thight the ring(as i usually work with MR-magic ring)and voila the butterfly was ready.Short chain embroidery with black thread a pair of sequin and beads and just made the simpliest butterfly ever. (See some embroidery stitch steps clicking here  )The first butterfly was the yellow one those 4 that came after "suffered" a tiny modification on two of the "petals"-wings-by enriching a"treble leg" before and after with a chain.They are just perfect for what my needs.....Fly little ones!

Linking my butterflies to Annemarie's linky party!Enjoy the fun!
I just realized the featured on Annemaries Haakblog !i'm sooooooooooooo happy!Thank you!!!!!!!!!

Be good.................ildi

PS-coming next: must dye some yarn with the use of acrylics as i can't find Kool Aid or food coloring here before Easter.Then for sure i will make a good provision not only for dying eggs :)


  1. The butterflies are beautiful!
    Bye, bye Elli

  2. thank You Anastasia and Elli!
    willing to make some more of them with the yarn i dyed this afternoon.a small amount just for trial.


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