Wednesday, February 5, 2014

flowers and balls

It feels so good to crochet when tired...and it happens almost every day to feel tired about 16 o'clock when already finished work,kids are home and eaten .. i just need that active break called crocheting, drawing paper mache whatever.i'm a girl of "periods".right now living my crochet period.i hope it will last longer than my performer "chocolate"period...
bits from my fruitful crocheting:little flowers (see the header)as 1 of March is approaching and we are celebrating it by wearing tiny ornaments on our chests called "martisor" for a couple of days-that symbolizes  the springs arrival a sort of rebirth after the flood.Because girls and women gets a "martisor" from the boys and men and i have two boys( plus a husband) under the roof  i need to make a lot of little ornaments for their classmates.Also been working on some Waldorf sensorial toys that will be soon in my Etsy shop.I just need to finish a coulpe of little fishes (own improvised little pattern) and sew them fishes on the ball...and that is not comfortable to do...

Much more flowers HERE :)

this last ball  was quite hard to finish due to the heavy twisted 100%cotton yarn (3 twisted lines with 7 threads each )but i wanted something that is completely baby proof even for the teething ones so that they can even chew on them and be totally safe.this ball would be hard a job for a dog too :).

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  1. Love your flowers, especially the colour palette. It is refreshingly different and similar to what I just this morning decided I really like after I went through this blog

  2. thank you Magda! i have many ideas i cannot catch myself up with everything...some flower designs in my mind etc...thank you for pointing my attention both on your and lespetitb's site!
    now i can go to cook and leave ideas for another time ;)

    1. Congratulations on the feature - Annemarie's Haakblog. Way to go!

    2. I was very surprised must say.We have a saying -'fool to be luck to have' with other words beginners luck ;)
      Thank you!

  3. Totally taken by your flowers and the amazing color combination!

  4. Thanks Maya but i die for your exuberant feminine creations !
    Honoured by your lovely visit!


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