Saturday, December 6, 2014

charity action

as you know Annemarie over at Annemarieshaakblog made an open call for a charity action that had great succes last year and it has all chances to be succesful this year too thanks to many open hearted crocheters and knitters from all over the world but perhaps mostly form Holland.
the toys and other handmade goodies will serve the poor people from Romania the country I'm living too.It was in my mind to give some things aways for the needies and this seems to be a v good occasion to fulfill the task.I will give away two hats i've made last year.Now i'm showing only one of them.The flower is a newly sprung crochet addition to the hat...

 The hats pattern is from Melodora Creations for Crochet on youtube-it is called "Crochet Cluster Beanie (just click the title if interested)"

 Love never fails.


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