Thursday, December 11, 2014

winter hat pattern-crochet

 This crochet winter hat is super easy to make and will surely keep a lovely head in warm.Yarn leftovers were combined in this happy beanie and thanks to that red  pom pom addition on the top it also makes it festive.The place that always catches the eye and bring smiles on our faces... just think about cherries on cake tops or  the red nose on Rudolf the reindeer.

This hat was gived away today for a family with 13 childrens...

Must improove my chopsticks drawing isn't it?

Yarns used: Red Heart "Lisa" ,3 medium acrylic yarns combined to achieve the thickness of Lisa

Crochet hook nr.8

  Written pattern: alternanting color rows (exept last row-same color as R8)

R1;MR(magic ring)-ch2 (counted as the first dc),9 dc,slip stitch to first stitch      -10sts (tricolor acrylics)
R2;ch 2(considered as first dc,)1dc same stitch, 2dc every st around                      -20sts  (Lisa)
R3;ch2 1dc in same stitch,*1dc,2dc* repeat all over                                                -30sts
R4:ch2,*2dc,1dc,1dc*, repeat all over                                                                     -40sts
R5:ch2,1 dc in every stitch                                                                                       -40sts
R6:ch2,2dc tog in next stitch,1dc up to the 21th sts,2dc tog,1 dc up to the end      -38 sts
R7:ch2,1 dc in every stitch                                                                                       -38sts
R8:ch2,2dc tog in next stitch,1 dc all over up to the 19th stitch,2dc n this stitch then 1 dc in every of the following stitches up to the end                                                                          -36sts
R9:ch1,sc in all of the 36 stitches,fasten off

Make a pom pom and..... ready!

You can share,you can sell the hats made of this pattern,thank you for linking back!

        ildi  ,i must run.we have concert at 19 o clock :)

Update:linking this post to our kind host Annemarie !Thank you for sharing the love for crochet!



  1. It might happen: the door bell is ringing and the rest of their children are standing in front of the door with the wish, getting a pretty hat like this, too :)

  2. i'm sure everybody will get something nice from the family as this action was performed by the kindergarten of my son and they are 27 kids in the group so every parent had something to give away,mostly toys. now i've hands only for hats,lol--i'm going slightly mad-but cannot stop
    Thank you Jutta!

  3. Love it! Your drawing is phenomenal and no improvements needed!


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