Friday, December 26, 2014

knooked snowman hats

                                                       Merry Christmas!!!
             which is delayed does not go for good(our saying) so.... all bests for you in this holiday!

  knooked again with my tunisian crochet hook...kinda trouble as its tail is very long for such of tiny projects but i only have one pair of knitting needles that were too thick.
    the urge was unbearable so i improvised to replace something that was not at hand.
    taking my brain out of the comfort zone and try new ways ... tried and succeeded!!i did it!i knitted with hooks,lol! those tunisians are marvelous!!
if  while i ago i considered stupid to buy knitting or crocheting yarn i learned that some of the yarns will show indeed its bests with knitting....when i faced this "problem" my hunger for knitting reached its peak and dived into this.first i made a pair of fingerless mittens i will post in the future-for myself-i'm not confortable at all with knitting-so it was like stepping on quicksand where i don't knew for sure if i got the pattern...but those dear hooks helped me :).it wasn't easy but still much easier than washing the dishes :)
   so,here it is: little nooked hats.the snowmans were very cheap i bought them for the lightings they have inside and thought to make papier mache ones with knitted hats and scarfs!still then they show their outfits well.

luckily?? i don't throw away easily stuffs so these little yarn endings were succesfully recycled as it shows:

the inside looks awful i know but who cares?
 the first garment..

                                           Happy Holidays!!!

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  1. adorable!! They look so cute with the hats and scarves on :)
    We made out snowman (Jacob's card) with plushy yarn .


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