Saturday, December 13, 2014

new crochet winter hat

The yarn pile is getting thinner with these new boho or afro hats (i made two yesterday) while the gifts corner is slightly growing each day.I made two hats yesterday,one for my mom and perhaps one for me and i just loved creating freely,no pattern,no rules just me and colorful leftovers.

my eldest is my modell today..i really need to make a paper mache head save them(specially him) from further "repetitions"

Linking to the Saturday's crochet fiesta!enjoy the creations!

all bests,ildi


  1. This one is fab too! I love all the colors together and that bobble just gives them an edge :)

    1. thank you v much!at the end i realised that i like it too :) since than seemed to be an adventure.
      anyway it was a good occassion (i mean after i finished the hat) to learn how to"bobble" was much easier than i did,lol...


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