Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Criss cross puff beanies

about 4 months ago when i started to crochet via my android phone i came across Yolanda's channel on YouTube and i was very happy to find a lot of great projects I was interested about.This criss cross puff stitch was my first or second stitch i've learned and used to work into my beanies "body".
If you're interested in learning this lovely stitch just click the link above that will take you to Yolanda's channel:
She made a beautiful beanie using this stitch(I guess her own variation of the puff stitch.)
I've made three of it (lol) but first two were not at the hight of my expectations.I'm a perfectionist .Maybe i pulled the yarn to tightly during the "session"and the result was a narrow beanie good for a 1-3 years old child.I made another trial but (see the grey one) still wasn't as it supposed to be so for the third one( had no phone to rewatch it)i made a hat pattern using this stitch and i just looove the result!It is a commissioned work for the biggest girl of my brothers.The only thing is -rewiewing this pattern on my hat-as i didn't remembered to skip one stitch and work a puff in the next etc the lines when stretching the hat is not so beautiful like Yolanda's.It was a need to increase the size with adding new puffs at the end of rows(while Yolanda's is going the same nr.of puffs each row) and (as it was a requirement)i added a pink rosette with a pink button to accomplish the task.:).Anyway i know how to increase with puffs now and i next time i will remeber the skip one work one trick. I'm waiting some pictures with the beanies made for all my brothers feminine family members and sending tomorrow the new beanie to Hannah.

Happy hookin'.......................ildi

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