Saturday, January 4, 2014

Thank you crocheters!

this post wants to be a big Thank You for all who shares their crocheting adventures with so much care and love.i learned a lot from you Allfreecrochet,!!!!tjw1963-youtube,crochetgeek-youtube,Yolanda Soto Lopez youtube  and the list is growing day by day!
i'm so glad i found a vivid colorful crochet world,studious hands,loving hearts!God bless you!
                          Happy New Year for all my friend and kind visitors!!!
                                    LA Multi Ani!! Boldog Uj Evet!!
as a celebrations for this new year i'm sharing with you my first infinity scarf pattern in two variations.possibilities are many working with the basic well knowed "leggs"combination(as we are calling sc and dc around here). this simple pattern is from my head but i'm pretty sure others has come up with something similar as the amount of patterns gathered yar by year on the crocheters sites must be huge.
i'm not sure how well can i keep my endeavours up to date with this blog as i prefer to sit and work than to write.i do amit thought that it is very necearry too keep organized and stay in touch with you.
hopefully you'll like the pattern,so here it is:

sc-single crochet
dc-double crochet
hdc-half double crochet
BL-back loop of the chain
FP-front post  (the legg beneath the chain)
         the pattern showed on the scarf (hook size 9mm,bulk yarn,skill level:easy:)
                 ch 140
                 R1:sc all around ch2 turn
                 R2:FP dc all around ch2 turn
                 R3:BL dc aorund ch2
                 R4-10:rep R2 and R3
                 last row sc all around  
      variation I.
                 R1:sc all around ch2 turn
                 R2:FP hdc ............ ch2 turn
                 R3:BLdc ................ch2 turn
                  R4-10:rep R2 and R3
                 last row sc all around  
     variation II.
                ch 140
                R1:sc all around ch2 turn
                R2:FP hdc.........ch2 turn
                R3:BL sc...........ch2 turn 
                R4-10:rep R2 and R3
                 last row sc all around 
here is a little example-first 8 rows from left to right showing the scarfs pattern(the yarn is thin) 
                                   row 9-13 is showing variation I 
                                   row 14-19 showing variation II
and how the backside of the pattern looks
this pattern look much better with the thick yarn.

                 happy cro!.......ildi
Ps what i still have to do (among lot of others)is to dusk my fav blog list with a tone of awesome crochet and knitt sites!

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