Friday, January 10, 2014

crocheted hearts and star

this is the thred i was looking for a week or so ago...nothing left.A simple packaging cotton thred ball had a luckier destination than usual.The result is lovely.I've found so so many crochet heart tutorials on the net even spent some hours to make mine too :) -well some variations on the basic model and some other approaches.
But than i stoped at Susies Stuff  and made some right away!Many thanks Suzetta!
My contribution regarding this little cuties was to add mini colorful pom-poms for busting their charm.Not as if they don't had already :)
It is so good to have such cute minnies at hand for any occassion! And they look gorgeous on the christmas tree!

  Here is the link to the heart tutorial  at Susies Stuff

All best yarns for you!..............ildi


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