Saturday, January 25, 2014

Infinity scarf

this weeks crochet fruit was this infinity scarf made for my eldest son.A simple striped pattern that is so effective.The first time i used 100%wool and i love the quality of the yarn.The 100 gr skein costed me about 7 usd  the only thing is that it comes only in a few colors and it is thin so i ended up to chain 185 for the begining.Every row took me from 14-to 20 minutes.Well, 14 minutes was my record as i counted every row to spice up the "journey".It was a good opportunity to improve my skills and try avoid the bubbling effect that happens when the double crochet is not made in exactly same manner.If you go loose a part the weavy effect will show up at overall look.Must i say that when i was hookin' my 14 minute row my fingers went cold on my left hand ;)Thought a simple pattern still it was a very good excercise.
Both ends were dubbled by a row of slip stich and as i didn't dare to work in round(that would have been much easier) i just sewed the ends and left some yarn "moustaches".
Here is the result:
Linking up my stuff to Annemarie'S Haakblog.Pop over at her site ,you'll find amazing crochet achievements.
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