Saturday, January 11, 2014

mice party

i've found this sweet little crochet mouse tutorial over at thegreendragonfly completely free!!!Thank you Janette from New Zeland!just click the bold word that will take you right away at her lovely tutorial!

When I was working the first mousy didn't paid right attention to the popcorn stich used at its arms and legs and pulled my bambus hook to hard ... sadly lost the hooks head...:( so for the second mice i only got the metal size 1 hook and changed the 4 ply yarn to the 2 ply one i guess)it seems that for the size1 hook the yarn was still too thick and the little brother mice's head doesn't wanted to take right shape . I was pushed to make my own version.I tried to make a one piece head and done it somehow but the ears are not too cute and round.And of course made it "by eye" as we say here no writting down the rows beeing just a trial.Anyway the mice looks good and it has a fiesta tiny bowtie and the kids love them.Thanks again Janette!

I may still add a little mouth to both of them :) 

Blogpost linked at Annemarie's Haakblog!Thank you for hosting the party!

Happy hooking!..........................ildi

Pentru tutorialul soricelului colorat, dati click pe cuvantul thegreendragonfly din primul enunt al acestei postari.

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