Sunday, January 19, 2014

Granny stitch beanies

While ago i made a beanie using the granny stitch(not knowing its name then)following no patterns and i liked the result.Yesterday i made two beanies of same kind with slight modifications on each one regarding the increasing rounds and writted down the pattern.I will take the time to write it down if anyone interested but first i make another trial.It is not difficult at all and it goes quite fast.You can see a picture with the basics of the hat.I guess it speaks for itself.The next rounds are the increasing rounds-i opted for 2 granny groups of 3 dc increases each of the following 4 rounds. When reached 20 grannie groups of 3dc's , ended up with 5 rows with no increase.This is an adult woman size beanie while the pink one has only 19 granny groups so it is a bit smaller.See how it looks like on my little one 4.5 year old boy model(lol).Also started to work some puff flowers- after i learned the stitch from my mother who was an avid knitter and crocheter but not anymore as she lost interest and doesn't saws very well.
Hats were made with 4ply yarn (i guess-i never know for sure as it is not mentioned) and hook nr 4.5.

This will be a headband with the puff flower.I used my tunisian crochet hook(actually i have a whole set of tunisian hooks bought for 8 usd-from nr.3 up to nr10)made of bambus and  felt a bit unconfortable due to my dry hands but i can crochet much faster with it than with a regular plastic or aluminium one.So i'm very pleased with the accuisition.

This beanie is still a wip but not for too long ;)
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  2. They turned out really nice. What a cute little model you have. Sweet!


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