Thursday, January 9, 2014

sisal punishment

Have you heard about sisal hemp?
It's the best material for ropes and carpets,decorations,rugs.It's origins seams to be Yucatan or Chiapas.
It is an ecologic thred,very storng,antistatic,nontoxic,biodegradable.

A few days ago was supply run day.Needed some threads found some,carpenter needles,ribbon etc.I bought some sisal thread form the gardening department to make the day round.My intention actually was to buy smooth twisted 100% natural cotton thread for packaging as i run out of it right before Christmas.(of course after i made quite a lot heart and star ornaments-i will post about it later)
But i only could find this sisal that kept my attention. I felt in love with its color and raw beauty.Thought it was a punishment to my fingers working with it i'm still loving it.Because i love the result...even if i felt somehow like H.Andersen's Elisa who had to knit 12 nettle pullovers for her enchanted swan brothers,i'm still giving it a chance...Have no pattern for the cups yet as i just gave it a go that night and i felt later sorry about not writting every row of it.Next day had no luck with the remake because i worked in round ...will  still work on the pattern(meantime i have made a lot of bowties for my sons and husband and tried a little mouse pattern i will post later hopefully).

lovely texture on its back
This is an original Easter project i hope to finalize soon and make it available on my Etsy.

MIc proiect de Pasti.Cosulet pentru oua vopsite si suport pt oua.
Cosulet realizat cu piciorus mic din fir de sisal.

Stay warm .............ildi


  1. i hope to finish it before Easter...i love the texture too.
    thank you v much!


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